24 Aug. Video W/S, Policies, Resources


  • Give me the highlights of what we covered from last class. Please ask any questions left over from last class.

W/S: Common First Week Video

Organize yourselves into pairs and then take turns reading and/or describing to one another your script and/or plan for the First Week Video. Once you give each other an overview, discuss the following and make suggestions:
  • 1. Does the author address the situation (and assignment) completely? Does the author address the assignment/situation with unexpected insight?
  • 2. Does the author clearly articulate a unifying argument/goal? Does the author explore one implication of the argument in depth? Remember, the assignment asks you to “Articulate a challenge relating to one of the modes—written, oral, visual, electronic, or nonverbal communication—that you’ll be engaging with in class projects this semester.”
  • 3.What sorts of evidence does the author plan on using to develop his/her claim? Remember the prompt asks your to “use specific examples from your personal experience.”
  • 4. Does the author sustain the claim throughout?  For instance, are transitions from one piece of evidence to another clear and logical?  
  • 5. Does the author use the affordances of video to enhance the goal/content? For instance, how does s/he express him/herself both visually and orally?
  • 6.How will the final version of the video demonstrate the author’s planning and rehearsal? How will the author insure that the final version of the video incorporates, for example, peer feedback?

‘How To’: Submit Video to T-Square

Upload it to T-Square or, if the video is too large, upload it to YouTube or Vimeo (as indicated by your instructor) and submit the link to T-Square. How to upload and share video to YouTube.

Discussion: Critical Communication

  • 1. Take a minute and list all the characteristics that you think define a “good” college writer. Next, make a list of all the qualities you expect your professor expects makes a “good” college writer (or the program expects). Where do the lists overlap? Where do they diverge? What accounts for the similarities and differences? (13)
  • 2.What is “Code Switching”, and what are common modes of address? How do these terms effect how you write an email (21)? What are their larger, socio-political implications?
  • What is the Comm Center? (11 & 25-28)
  • 4.What are the three “critical concepts of communication”? 
For Tuesday, August 29…
  • 1. Completed Instructor Student Agreement Form
  • 2. We’ll go over Mahara, reflection essays, and any lingering how to post the First Week Video
  • 3. Skim the WOVEN Pages and read the first half of the Nixon article carefully


Post 5: Podcast Group Script

Post as a .docx file to the course site a draft of your group script by 12:00 PM Monday, Nov 14. For full credit the script should contain the following:
  • 1. Script Tips
  • 2. 150 words: Introduction: speakers, guests, topic, purpose, and possibly ‘what to expect from the episode.’
  • 3. 500-1000 words: Description of evidence you plan to use, interview questions (if applicable), and draft of analysis/discussion in which the evidence will be embedded.  
  • 4. 150 words: conclusion. Does your podcast meet the goals you established for it.
  • 5. Include sound queues and changes, as well as draft of sources cited in style of your choice. May also want to include notes on what/how you plan to edit.
  • 6. Optional: Notes or questions on what/how you plan to for time and/or legibility.