21 Sept. Research/Resources.

Part I: Literary Analysis Essay

Follow along as I briefly review the Literary Analysis Essay

Part II: Library Information Session

Please welcome Karen Viars, Humanities and Science Fiction Librarian at GATech library, who will be speaking to us about research methods and resources. While the skill she shares with you today will inform all your forthcoming research, you are required to reproduce specific skills throughout the upcoming unit on Nature and The History of King Lear. If there is a topic that was not covered, please feel free to ask questions during or after the presentation.

Part III: Reflection

Take ten minutes and freewrite in response to at least 2 of the following five prompts. Remember this freewrite is a draft of the “Artifact Reflection” that must accompany each artifact included in the final portfolio.
  • 1.What is your argument or purpose, and how did you make the argument or purpose visible in your artifact?
  • 2. Who is the intended audience for your artifact, and why? How is your choice of audience reflected in your artifact?
  • 3. What are the defining features of the genre or media that you are using in this project, and how do you make use of these features?
  • 4. If you had more time for revision, what would you change and why?
  • 5. Consider for the final draft: What choices will you make to revise this list into a 1-2 paragraphs for the final draft of the portfolio?