19 Oct. Lit Analysis W/S

Part I. Workshop, Lit Analysis Essay

Open up your draft posts on your computers, moving from computer to computer, answer the following questions about your peers’ drafts in the comment section beneath the blog.
  • 1. What arguable claim does your peer’s essay draft make about The History of King Lear and Nature?
  • 2. How does your peer’s essay draft integrate the secondary source?
  • 3. What are the key terms in your peer’s essay and how does s/he define them?
  • 4. How does the close reading in the draft support/develop the claim? Does the close reading develop the argument through an attention to specific linguistic/rhetorical elements of the text?
  • 5. How does your peer plan to develop the workshop draft into the final draft?

Part II. Discussion, KL Scenes 20-24

Pick one of the four questions below and be prepared to point the chunk of text that best answers it:
  • 1.How and why does Edgar “trifle” (20.31) with his father’s “despair” (20.31) in Scene 20?
  • 2. How do Lear and Gloucester comfort one another?
  • 3.How does Lear die?
  • 4.Who gets the last word in The History of King Lear, and what is it

For Next Tuesday, Oct 24

We will cover the following next Tuesday, so be sure to watch Ep. 1 of the Walking Dead. Walking Dead is streaming on Netflix and you can buy the first season, streaming, not HD for $7.99 on Amazon. Remember, Walking Dead is gory and violent, so if you want to read the comics instead, email me and I will set you up with an alternative assignment.
  • 1. Provide an overview of the final unit Walking Dead/Podcast
  • 2. Assign teams
  • 3. Discuss Walking Dead Ep.1 and practice the first “group write”

19 Sept. Visual Rendering W/S.

Citing Images from a Database

Part I: W/S Prewrite

Working on your own take five minutes and write down your response to the following:
  • 1.What is the overall goal or idea you are trying to convey to your audience?
  • 2.What is the most successful illustration in your graphic and why?
  • 3.How do you plan to develop the draft further?

Part II: Peer Feedback Session

Please organize yourselves into the following groups and then complete the activity below:

Number 1101.F2 1101.N1 1101.D2
One Liya, Shruthi, Kendall Michael, Branden, PJ
Quentin, Gabriella, Davis 
Two Kusona, Jacob, Benjamin
Noah, Malek, Giba
Patrick, Nicole, Alex, Benjamin
Three Megan, Yotam, Morgan, Samantha
Gabriella, Miguel, Lewey
Nishant, Chaudhary, Ashley
Four Bianca, Felipe, David
Prashikh, Peter, Kaitlyn
Ryan, Emma, David
Five Briana, Joshua, Bruce
Ian, Saige, Shiva
Jacob, John, Zachary
Six Kristen, Ashna, AJ
Heather, Anastacia, Joseph
Michelle, David, Dzmitry
Seven Sara, Katherine, Elena
Kristen, Samwel, Robert
Ethan, William, Rohan
Eight Cami, Zoe, Sahil
Josh, Marisa, Seenam, Faith
Camille, Pavan, Seth
Once you are settled into your groups, introduce yourselves, “exchange drafts,” and respond to the following questions, in writing, for each draft you read.

Once completed, email or hand your responses to your peer members:

  • 1. Describe the main purpose or claim that author makes. How does the purpose/argument fulfill the assignment goals? If purpose/argument is unclear, suggest ways author can strengthen it.
  • 2. Describe the key feature or image around which the author organizes her/his Visual Rendering? If the key feature or image is missing or unclear, suggest ways author could incorporate one.
  • 3. Describe how the author has organized his/her rendering. Why do you think the “blocks” (i.e. slides) progress as they do? If organizational strategy is unclear, suggest ways the author could strengthen his/her claim support or transitions.  
  • 4. Describe the ratio of text to image. How do the images reinforce the author’s goal? If the graphic is too text heavy or the images do not work to support the overall claim, suggest ways the author can better communicate his/her claim to the audience.

Peer Review Worksheet

Part III: Group Discussion

In the time remaining, be prepared to discuss the following with the whole class:
Will a few of you be willing to share your Rendering drafts? May I put them on the overhead and discuss the strengths?

ENGL 1101.D2

Follow the instructions in this post: