Post 5: Podcast Group Script

Post as a .docx file to the course site a draft of your group script by 12:00 PM Monday, Nov 14. For full credit the script should contain the following:
  • 1. Script Tips
  • 2. 150 words: Introduction: speakers, guests, topic, purpose, and possibly ‘what to expect from the episode.’
  • 3. 500-1000 words: Description of evidence you plan to use, interview questions (if applicable), and draft of analysis/discussion in which the evidence will be embedded.  
  • 4. 150 words: conclusion. Does your podcast meet the goals you established for it.
  • 5. Include sound queues and changes, as well as draft of sources cited in style of your choice. May also want to include notes on what/how you plan to edit.
  • 6. Optional: Notes or questions on what/how you plan to for time and/or legibility.

Post 1: Visual Rendering Draft

Blog Prompt 1: Complete the following tasks and post your draft to your blogs before class on Thursday, September 14 for a workshop that day.
  • Step One
    Respond to the following prompts in at least 200 words: Choose a key term from either Nixon, Clark, or Morton and briefly describe or make note of the passage in which you found it. What does the term mean in the context of the article and/or in general? What sorts of assumptions does the term challenge?
  • Step Two
    Using an infographic tool (Piktochart, Canva, or Visme) illustrate your term in 2-3 panels. Keep the following in mind as you draft: How can you illustrate the term you chose? What sorts of images provided in the graphic maker or photographic images help you to convey your idea to the audience? What affect do you want the illustration of your term to have on your audience? What’s the goal of your graphic? What should a reader do after she reads it?
  • Step Three
    To Post your work: Click on the share button in the graphic maker you’re working in and paste the HTML code into the “text” window of the WordPRess post. OR, you may have to download your Infographic as a .jpeg or .png and then upload it using the WP Media Manager.