RQ: WD, Ep. 1


Keep the following questions in mind as you watch TheWalking Dead, Ep. 1, “Days Gone Bye.” The questions are designed to guide your reading practices and our class discussions. You are not required to provide formal answers in class or online.

What happens in the “cold open”? What does the “cold open” establish?

Why does Rick identify himself as a policeman before we even know his name? Why confront Rick and the audience with a child zombie before anything else?

Why do you think Rick keeps his uniform on for the whole first season? If civilization has collapsed, does the uniform have any meaning?

What’s the difference between “men and women”? Why open with light switch discussion? How does technology establish the difference between men and women, between civilization and savagery?

Is the high-speed chase, and subsequent shoot out that lands Rick in the hospital, establish a point of comparison between life before the fall and life after?

How does the show figure the passage time, or rather how does Rick assesses how much time has passed when he wakes up in the hospital?

Compare Rick in his uniform to Rick in his hospital gown.

What tools does Rick use to make sense of and adapt to his changed environment?

How does the camera work communicate the scale of the disaster/infection/loss?

How do Morgan and his son, Dwain, tell the difference between zombies and people?

Does Rick give Morgan the gun knowing he will use it to kill his dead wife?

How does Rick promise to get in touch with Morgan?

Does the show equate Rick’s shooting of the half zombie lady with Morgan’s shooting of his wife?

Is The Walking Dead a southern story or just a story that happens to take place in Atlanta and south of Atlanta?

Who hears Rick on the CB? Where are they? Are you surprised?

How does Rick’s lone ride into the abandoned city and eventual clash with the zombie hoard provide a figure for our contemporary environmental predicament?

How does the show contrast Rick and the zombie hoard in downtown Atlanta?

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