Post 5: Podcast Group Script

Post as a .docx file to the course site a draft of your group script by 12:00 PM Monday, Nov 14. For full credit the script should contain the following:
  • 1. Script Tips
  • 2. 150 words: Introduction: speakers, guests, topic, purpose, and possibly ‘what to expect from the episode.’
  • 3. 500-1000 words: Description of evidence you plan to use, interview questions (if applicable), and draft of analysis/discussion in which the evidence will be embedded.  
  • 4. 150 words: conclusion. Does your podcast meet the goals you established for it.
  • 5. Include sound queues and changes, as well as draft of sources cited in style of your choice. May also want to include notes on what/how you plan to edit.
  • 6. Optional: Notes or questions on what/how you plan to for time and/or legibility.

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