The Podcast has been designed to meet the following goals:
Drawing on the first season of The Walking Dead, in this assignment you will create your own podcast in which you make an argument about the relationship between the show and the possibility of life after nature. You will complete the project in assigned groups of five.

Podcast Checklist

Successful Podcasts must 7-15 minutes in length, uploaded to T-Square on or before the due date with an Introduction, and accomplish the following:
  • 1. Introduction: State name of podcast and introduce all hosts/guests.
  • 2. Argument/Goal: What is the relationship between The Walking Dead and possibility of life after nature?  
  • 3. Evidence/Analysis: support your claim about the show through the analysis of at least three pieces of evidence. You can represent the evidence through audio clips of video, interviews, or staged readings. Be sure to surround your evidence with analysis that ties back into the argument and pushes it farther, and/or provides context.
  • 4. Mode: A collaborative analysis of sorts, the podcast needs to demonstrate the affordances of the audio mode via sound editing, discussion, effects, etc.
  • 5. Planning: In planning the final podcast you will complete, individually, a Scene Analysis and, as a group, a Group Script. Remember to balance sound clips, effects, music with you own analysis. Most of us speak/read aloud at approx. 150 words per minute.

Introduction Checklist

Please complete the following in your INDIVIDUAL Introductions to the Group Podcast:
  • 1. What is the overall goal and argument of the podcast
  • 2. What evidence did you use to support/develop you argument? Did you read your evidence in ways the audience did not expect?
  • 3. What outside sources did you use to produce the Podcast? List any outside sources in MLA format after the Introduction.


The Podcast requires the following format/tools for completion:
Format Description
TSquare Final draft of this assignment in.mp3 to be uploaded or linked, individually to T-square with a 300-500 word Introduction. Introduction and citations in MLA format.
Audacity Audacity is a free, open source digital audio editor and recording computer software application, available for Windows, OS X, Linux


The Podcast is worth 20% of your total grade and will be assessed in context of the feedback chart and as follows:
  • 1. Rhetorical Awareness: Does the Podcast address the situation (and assignment) completely and/or with unexpected insight? Does the Podcast make an argument about the relationship between the show and the possibility of life after nature and include an introduction? Has the Podcast been produced in collaboration among groups of five students?(20%)
  • 2. Stance: Does the Podcast articulate a complex, unifying argument that articulates a sophisticated position and explores the multiple implications of that position? (20%)
  • 3.Development of Ideas: Do the Podcasters develop their claim through fully analyzed evidence that supports all related claims? Do the podcasters develop their claim through close analysis of at least three specific scenes or topics from the first season of the Walking Dead? Do the podcasters signal to listeners how their evidence supports/develops their claim? (20%)
  • 4. Organization: Does the Podcast sustain the claim throughout?  Do the Podcasters announce transitions from segment to segment, from one speaker to the next, and/or from one piece of evidence/analysis to the next? Have the Podcasters adapted typical organizational patterns of podcasts? Is there a conclusion? (20%)
  • 5. Process: Does the final draft  demonstrate planning, revision, and collaboration? Did all group members contribute equally to the invention documents and the final draft of the podcast (10%)
  • 6. Conventions/Design for Medium:Do the individual introductions meet grammar, mechanics style, and syntax conventions with few or no errors? Does the Podcast persuade with seamless integration of features and content and with innovative use of affordances? (10%)