22 Aug. Introduction.


Name Tags: Take a sheet of paper that is being passed around and write/draw the following on the paper:
  • 1. Write your name (or Nickname)
  • 2. Draw your family pet or pet you might get someday
  • 3. Draw your favorite vacation spot
  • 4. Draw your favorite food
  • 5. Draw your favorite sport or hobby
  • 6. Fold into a name plate and put in front of you on your table


Take five minutes and respond to the following in groups of 2-3:
  • 1. What is one example of a substantive writing project you produced in the last six months?
  • 2. What was the purpose of the project? What was the context of the project? Who was the audience? How did the purpose, context, and/or audience shape the decisions you made in your writing/composing? (WovenText 31-33)  
  • 3. In what modes, i.e. different media, did you compose your project? Why did you foreground some modes and background others?

Course Overview

Take five minutes to read through the course site/Syllabus, and draft any questions about the following:

For Next Time…

The following is due on Thursday, Aug 24



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