5 Dec. Final Portfolio W/S 3

Featured Image: The archive of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation

Thank you all for a wonderful first semester at GATech! You all produced well crafted and thoughtful projects that were a pleasure to read, and your contributions to class discussion were consistently insightful and thought provoking. Thank you so much for taking up and working through the ideas I presented this semester. We went a long way in thinking through how people can live in a world after nature. I wish you the best in throughout your time at Tech and on into your what will no doubt be your wonderful future careers!

Class Plan Video

The video covers the following topics:
  • 1. Housekeeping: Course Instructor Opinion Surveys and optional meeting times for Wednesday, Dec 6 and Thurs, Dec 7
  • 2. Final Review of Portfolio Requirements
  • 3. How to Create a Collection and Submit Portfolio to T-Square


  • 1. CIOS – The Course Instructor Opinion Survey
  • 2. I am free to meet via Skype tomorrow morning 9-12 and 11-2 in person in Stephen C. Hall #9 Thursday 11-2. Please email me for a 20 minute time slot.
  • 3. Podcasts are due to T-Square by 5:00 PM tonight, please email me with any questions. The submission requirements are available on the Podcast Assignment

Final Review of Portfolio Requirements

After you have finished your portfolio drafts, keep the following in mind as you review your work:
  • 1. Does your portfolio include a Reflective Introduction: Is the intro. published to its own, separate page 1200-1800 words and introduce your portfolio? Does it respond to the assignment prompt? Does the Reflective Introduction page strategically employ multimodal elements such as images, videos, audio files, and/or links in addition to the text?   
  • 2.Does your portfolio include an Artifact 0: Does the Artifact page include the Common First Week Video, any process documents, an introductory paragraph, and “Artifact Reflections” a-e? Can users play the video? 
  • 3. Does your portfolio include, Artifacts 1-3 (Visual Rendering, Literary Analysis, and Podcast): Do the Artifact pages 1-3 include the final draft of the Artifact, all process documents, the introductory paragraph, and “Artifact Reflections” a-e? 
  • 4. Does every page of the portfolio “efficiently use the affordances of the medium”? In other words, does the design and layout of your portfolio take audience into account?

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