31 Aug. Solutions.

Featured Image: Oil from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill approaches the coast of Mobile, Ala., May 6, 2010


Take 2-3 minutes and respond to the following:

  • Of all of the disasters disasters Nixon discusses throughout his final chapter, which is most arresting?

    To answer this question, zero in on a specific paragraph in which Nixon explains the disaster you chose.

    Think about the way the paragraph is composed–does the topic sentence announce the information to follow, does are there citations included from other authors, does he use any key terms, how does the paragraph you chose help the overall goal of the chapter to progress?

  • Discussion

    • 1. Nixon compares the flag planted behind the men in the underwater cabinet meeting to a flag that Russia planted in the North Pole Seabed in 2007. What do these two symbols, flags planted beneath the ocean, suggest about Earth’s future (267)?
    • 2. Who’s responsible for environmental devastation? How can those responsible be held accountable? Who has the moral authority to hold responsible parties accountable? Why is it so hard for transnational corporations to be called to account for their misdeeds?
    • 3. What’s the danger of bracketing foreign disasters as “foreign”? How is the concept of “foreign” faulty as it pertains to environmental issues?
    • 4. If we remembered spills like the 1979 Ixtoc oil explosion, would the Even Horizon spill have been avoided? According to Nixon what keeps us from holding these disasters in our memories? What can we do to remember?
    • 5. Consider this question that Nixon asks toward the end of his book: “How will writers, photographers, video artists, podcasters, and blogger navigate the possibilities–and possible perils–opened up by a new media culture characterized both by intensive, instant connectivity and by impatient, distractive staccato rhythms?” (276).

    Group Activity

    In response to Nixon’s conclusion, ort yourselves into groups of four or five and complete the following:
    • 1. Imagine that your group is humanity’s last, best hope to save the planet from final environmental devastation. You have been given unlimited resources and the full support US government to solve Climate Change and its subsidiary effects. Take ten minutes and solve Climate Change. 
    • 2. After you draft a list of solutions (approx. 8-10), elect a person from your group to write your solutions on the white board.
    • 3. After you write your solutions on the board, discuss with your group which solutions overlap with the other groups and which solutions are unique.
    • 4. Finally, be prepared to discuss the following: do the solutions you listed, and the potential overlap, suggest we already know how to solve the climate crisis? If yes, what’s stopping us?


    • How do Nixon’s criticisms, solutions, suggests square with yours?

    Oil containment boom used in an attempt to protect barrier islands

    For Next Tuesday

    Please do the following for Tuesday, Sept
    Do a quick internet search and locate 2-3 sustainability graphics or visual renderings of environment devastation. Be prepared to talk abou the images you pulled with the class.


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