3 Oct. Into Nature.

Part I: Claim/Thesis

Take 5 mins and respond to the following:

  • 1. What are some characteristics of a successful claim or thesis?
  • 2. What makes a claim or thesis “arguable”?
  • 3. Quickly review the claim/thesis you drafted at the end of class on Thursday. Is it arguable, why or why not?

Magic (Arguable) Thesis

Even though it seems as if ___________________________  is _______________________because of ______________________, I’ll argue___________________________.

Part II: Discussion

  • 1. Describe Kent’s treatment of Oswald. What is your assessment of Kent’s treatment of Oswald and of Cornwall’s treatment of Kent? Is Kent justified? Is Cornnwall?
  • Keep the following in mind as we watch half of Scene 7, from the Trever Nunn and Ian McKellen RSC filmed version of King Lear (2008-9)
  • 2. How does Edgar “preserve” (7.172) himself after he flees his father’s house in Scene 7
  • 3. How does Lear react to Kent’s punishment?
  • 4.Why don’t Cornwall and Regan allow Lear and his train into Gloucester’s castle? Is their decision justified?
  • 5.Does Lear cause the storm at that begins at the close of Scene 7? OR, what is the relationship between the storm and the way Lear’s daughters treat him?

Part III: Quiz

Please clear your desk and then complete the following:
I’ll pass around the quizzes and then you will have the remainder of the class to complete them. All the questions are short answer. Your answers do not need to be in complete sentences, and you do not need to include direct citations from the text for full credit. Bring your completed quiz up to me when you are finished, and then you may leave.

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