31 October. Zombie Oriented Ontology.

Happy Halloween!!

Part I. Remote Classroom Instructions

For full attendance and participation for 24 October 2017, please complete the following
  • 1. Read Jeffrey Cohen’s “Undead (A Zombie Oriented Ontology) and watch Walking Dead, Ep. 2
  • 2. Watch the video lecture below
  • 3. Complete your assigned portion of the Group Theoretical Analysis worksheet in your team Google Doc

Part II. Class Plan Video

The video covers the following topics:
  • 1. Housekeeping:
  • 2. Rhetorical Analysis of Cohen’s Essay
  • 3. Theoretical Analysis of Walking Dead, Ep. 2
  • 4. Overview of what to expect for Thursday, Nov 2

Part III: Theoretical Analysis

Your final project teams are listed below. For this assignment, click on your name/team link, which directed you to a Google Doc. Please note that the scene you have been assigned is listed at the top of the Doc. As specified in the Doc, only complete the portion of the Sequence Analysis assigned to you.

1. Briana, Josh, Ashna, Katherine, & Samantha 6. Prashikh, Faith, Malek, Giba, & Miguel 11. Chaudhary, Jack, Alex, Ethan, Seth
2. Kusona, Cami, David, Yotam, Morgan 7. Ian, Michael, Patrick, Shiva, & Branden 12. Quentin, Ashley, Patrick, Dzmitry, Michelle
3. Sahil, Jacob, Ben, Felipe, and Bianca 8. Noah, Peter, Seenam, Joseph, & Marisa 13. Emma, Ryan, William, Camille, Zack
4. Shruthi, Sara, Kendall, Elena, Megan 9. Heather, Samwel, Saige, Robert, Kristen 14. Nicole, Gabby, David Saiontz, Pavan, Nish
5. AJ, Kristen, Zoe, Liya, Bruce 10. Gabriella, Joshua, Kaitlyn, Lewey, Anastacia 15. David Huberty, Davis, Jacob, Benjamin, Rohan