Mahara How-To

Creating Your Portfolio in Mahara

Mahara portfolios are a collection of individual pages. You create individual pages (five total: one for Reflective Introduction and one for artifacts 0-3) and then make a collection out of the pages–the multimodal reflection portfolio is that collection.

Creating Pages

To create your portfolio in Mahara
  • 1. Under the ‘Portfolio’ tab on the Mahara home page, click ‘Pages’ and then select ‘Create Page’ from the dropdown menu.
  • 2. Give the page a title on the ‘Edit Page’ screen, choose a ‘Display Name’ (we recommend either your last name or student ID). Click ‘Save.’
  • 3. Click the ‘Edit Content’ tab. (Note that Mahara automatically jumps to ‘Edit Content’ after you click ‘Save’ on the previous page, but you’ll modify the layout first.) Note that Mahara provides a selection of ‘Basic Layouts’ and a link to ‘Advanced Layouts’ on the edit layouts page. Under ‘Advanced Layouts,’ you can create and modify your own layouts by deciding how many columns will be in a row and what percentage of the screen width each column will take. Mahara will limit each page to six rows and five columns per row.
  • 4. Click ‘Save’ once you’ve chosen a layout. Mahara will jump back to ‘Edit Content.’ Note the list of content that can be included on the page. Mahara differentiates between hosted media that can be uploaded directly and external media that are linked to from within Mahara (such as Prezis, YouTube Videos, Google Docs, etc.). Note that the former options are listed under ‘Media’ while the later is listed under ‘External.’
  • 5. Click ‘Done’ when you have placed all the content you want on that page. Repeat until you have created all required pages.

Creating a Collection:

  • 1. Once all pages are complete, create a collection by selecting the ‘Portfolio’ tab and then clicking ‘Collections’ and then ‘New Collection.’ Give you collection a title that includes your student ID number (the nine digit number found on your BuzzCard) and the course number. Example: ‘987654321 ENGL 1102 Reflection Portfolio.’ Make sure ‘Page Navigation’ option is checked (this is done automatically), and then select ‘Edit Collection Pages.’
  • 2. Add pages to your collection by checking the pages that should be included. Place the self-review essay page first. The organization of the remaining pages is up to you; unless you have thoughtful alternative, we recommend including your best work first.