7 Nov. WD Quiz & Team Meeting Schedule


  • 1. Team meetings will be held face to face and in your classrooms at the time/dates assigned below.
  • 2. The Scene Analysis blog post that was due on Thursday, Nov 9 has been cancelled
  • 3. You are now required to write the rough draft of your podcast script into your Team Google Doc

Walking Dead Quiz

Please respond to the quiz below:

Revised Team Meeting Schedule

Due to the power outage on campus today, all meeting will be held on Nov 16 and the new times are posted below. All group meetings will be 10 minutes long and will be held in your classroom. Please make sure the rough draft of your podcast script is available in your Team Google Doc by 8:00 AM on the day your meeting is scheduled.

ENGL.F2 (Clough 131)

Date Time Team
Tues, Nov 14 9:30 Team One: Briana, Josh, Ashna, Katherine, & Samantha
Tues, Nov 14 9:55 Team Two: Kusona, Cami, David, Yotam, Morgan
Thursday, Nov 16 10:25 Team Three: Sahil, Jacob, Ben, Felipe, and Bianca
Thurs, Nov 16 9:30 Team Four: Shruthi, Sara, Kendall, Elena, Megan
Thurs, Nov 16 10:00 Team Five: AJ, Kristen, Zoe, Liya, Bruce

ENGL.N1 (Hall 106)

Date Time Team
Thurs, Nov 16 12:00-12:10 Team Six: Prashikh, Faith, Malek, Giba, & Miguel
Thurs, Nov 16 12:15-12:25 Team Seven: Ian, Michael, Patrick, Shiva, & Branden
Thurs, Nov 16 12:30-12:40 Team Eight: Noah, Peter, Seenam, Joseph, & Marisa
Thurs, Nov 16 12:45-12:55 Team Nine: Heather, Samwel, Saige, Robert, Kristen
Thurs, Nov 16 1:05:1:10 Team Ten: Gabriella, Joshua, Kaitlyn, Lewey, Anastacia

ENGL.D2 (Clough 127)

Date Time Team
Thurs, Nov 16 1:30-1:40 Team Eleven: Chaudhary, Jack, Alex, Ethan, Seth
Thurs, Nov 16 1:45-1:55 Team Twelve: Quentin, Ashley, Patrick, Dzmitry, Michelle
Thurs, Nov 16 2:00-2:10 Team Thirteen: Emma, Ryan, William, Camille, Zack
Thurs, Nov 16 2:15-2:25 Team Fourteen: Nicole, Gabby, David Saiontz, Pavan, Nish
Thurs, Nov 16 2:30-2:40 Team Fifteen: David Huberty, Davis, Jacob, Benjamin, Rohan

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