2 Nov. Podcast Rhetoric.

Part I. Remote Classroom Instructions

For full attendance and participation for 2 Nov 2017, please complete the following
  • 1. Watch Walking Dead, Ep. 3 “Tell it to the Frogs”
  • 2. Listen to a podcast of your choice: any podcast, any genre.
  • 3. Complete a rhetorical analysis of one element assigned to you of the podcast of your choice in your Team Google Doc.

Part II. Class Plan Video

The video covers the following topics:

Podcast Analysis

In today’s video I assess the podcast Radio Lab, ep.8 (Aug, 3 2017) according to the following:
  • 1. Audience: Why does the podcast hold my attention and keep me listening? Does the podcast cover a topic I am especially interested in and in a way that other news outlets or sources do not or cannot? Is the podcast something that my friends and I listen to? Does the podcast you chose provide a model for how to appeal to an audience?
  • 2. Structure: What is the overall structure of the podcast. What sorts of segments make up the overall podcast? How are those segments arranged? Do the hosts announce the transition from one segment to the next? Why is the overall structure effective? Does the podcast provide a structural model?
  • 3. Segments: What sorts of segments are used? Does the podcast provide a model for segment order?
  • 4. Audio: what audio cues are used in the podcast? Are the cues consistent throughout? Is the volume consistent across the whole podcast? Does the podcast provide a model for the types of audio cues? 
  • 5. Conclusion: How does the podcast concludes? Do hosts announce what to expect on the podcast to follow? Is there outgoing audio cues or music? Does the podcast provide a model for how to conclude? 

Part III: Rhetorical Analysis of Podcast

Your final project teams are listed below. For this assignment, click on your name/team link, which directed you to a Google Doc. Each of you need to analyze a podcast of your choice according to the prompts in the Doc.

1. Briana, Josh, Ashna, Katherine, & Samantha 6. Prashikh, Faith, Malek, Giba, & Miguel 11. Chaudhary, Jack, Alex, Ethan, Seth
2. Kusona, Cami, David, Yotam, Morgan 7. Ian, Michael, Patrick, Shiva, & Branden 12. Quentin, Ashley, Patrick, Dzmitry, Michelle
3. Sahil, Jacob, Ben, Felipe, and Bianca 8. Noah, Peter, Seenam, Joseph, & Marisa 13. Emma, Ryan, William, Camille, Zack
4. Shruthi, Sara, Kendall, Elena, Megan 9. Heather, Samwel, Saige, Robert, Kristen 14. Nicole, Gabby, David Saiontz, Pavan, Nish
5. AJ, Kristen, Zoe, Liya, Bruce 10. Gabriella, Joshua, Kaitlyn, Lewey, Anastacia 15. David Huberty, Davis, Jacob, Benjamin, Rohan

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