1101.D2, 21 Sept. Special Instructions.


1. Watch the video of Karen Viars’s talk
2. Create a new post and then make sure you check categories: ENGL D2 and “Research Questions & VR”
3. In the post you created, briefly answer the two questions on Ms. Viar’s talk.
4. Post a draft of your Visual Rendering Reflection

Research Talk: Karen Viars, LMC Librarian


1.What distinguishes a peer reviewed journal article from other sources?
2. List three ways you can narrow your search topic in the MLA (EBSCO) data base.
3. What is one factor you may use to determine the quality of a secondary source?

Visual Rendering Reflection

Respond to the following questions in at least six sentences:

1. What is your argument or purpose in this assignment? How did you make your argument or purpose visible and persuasive in your artifact?
2. Who is the intended audience for your artifact? How is your choice of audience reflected in your artifact?
3. What are, at least 2, defining features of the genre or media that you are using in this project? How do you make use of these features?
4. If you had more time for revision, what would you change and why?

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