Class Dates/Times In-Class Activities Reading & Assignments Due
T, Aug 22 Overview of course goals, policies, and assignments

Introduction to you and to course themes

Discuss: Common Assignment & resources

R, Aug 24 Discussion: Intro to WOVEN Communication

Activity: Common Assignment Video Workshop

WOVENText (1-40 & 147-50)

Bring digital copy of Common Video script to class for W/S

T, Aug 29 Reflection: Common first week video

Skills: Mahara ‘How-to’

Discussion: Representing Nature

Final Common First Week Video uploaded to T-Square by 5:00 PM

Completed Student Instructor Agreement Form 

WOVENText (146-7 & 151-160)

Nixon,”Scenes from the Seabed” (263-273)

R, Aug 31 Group Write: Figuring Nature

Discussion: Slow Violence and Environmental Rhetoric

WOVENText (125-30)

Nixon, “Scenes from the Seabed” (273-280) & Nieman Storyboard

T, Sept 5 Rhetorical Analysis of environmentalist and/or sustainability graphics

Tool Workshop: Graphic tools

WOVENText (125-30)

Bring 2-3 examples of sustainability graphics or visual renderings of environment devastation

R, Sept 7 Discussion: Defining key terms

Clark, “Nature, Post Nature” (75-89)
T, Sept 12 Class Cancelled

R, Sept 14

Quiz: Theoretical Readings: Nixon, Clark, & Morton

Discussion: Nature and genre

Morton,“Introduction: Critical Thinking” (1-14)

WOVENText (84-97)

T, Sept 19  Visual Rendering Group Workshop
Post a draft of your Visual Rendering to your section feed before class

R, Sept 21 Karen Viars, Humanities and Science Fiction Librarian, instruction session.

Reflection: Nature and Visual Rendering (Mahara)

Final Visual Rendering Project due uploaded to T-Square by 5:00 PM

WOVENText (144-149; 651-53; & 756-58)

T, Sept 26 Discussion: Intro to King Lear & Making Nature
 King Lear, Scene 1 (99-116)

R, Sept 28 Discussion: Reading Nature

Skills: “Elements of Argumentation”

King Lear, Scenes 2-6 (116-142)

WOVENText (478-88)

T, Oct 3 Quiz: King Lear, Scenes 1-7

Skills: Crafting an Arguable Claim

Discussion: Into Nature

King Lear, Scene 7 (152-177)

R, Oct 5 Discussion: Storm!!: inside or out?

Skills: Rhetoric of Academic Style: leads, source integration

King Lear, Scenes 8-13 (177-204)

WOVENText (396-99)

T, Oct 10 No Class: Fall Break
R, Oct 12 Quiz: King Lear, Scenes 8-19

Skills: Writing your readings and supporting your claims

King Lear, Scenes 14-19 (205-229)

Post your Article Annotation to your section feed by Saturday, Oct 14 5:00 PM

T, Oct 17 Quiz, King Lear, 20-24 Quiz Cancelled

Discussion: Conclusion

Skills: Sentence level revisions, MLA, conclusions

(Dr. Frazee observation) Cancelled

 King Lear, Scenes 20-24 

R, Oct 19  Literary Analysis paper workshop Post a draft of your Argument Paper to your section feed by 8:00AM
T, Oct 24 Team Assignments and Unit Overview

Group Write: Life after Nature?

Skills: Key terms and techniques in video/film analysis

WOVENtext (306-18)

Walking Dead, Ep. 1

R, Oct 26 Reflection: Writing Argument/Analysis (Mahara)

How to Podcast: (Guest or Video)+groups assigned for Podcast Project

Upload Final Argument/Analysis essay to T-square by 5:00 PM

WOVENText (438-42)

T, Oct 31

25-30 min content and skills video “lecture,” and team writing response in Google Docs. Prompt will ask: How/why do zombies and zombie shows figure life after nature? What do you think of when you think of zombies? Does Jeffrey Cohen’s definition of zombies challenge yours’? Does the first two episodes confirm or challenge your understanding?

Cohen, “Undead (A Zombie Oriented Ontology)” (397-410)

Walking Dead, Ep. 2

R, Nov 2

25-30 min content and skills video that will cover themes and content in TV show, as well as rhetorical features of podcasts. In their Team Google Docs, students will analyze the rhetorical features of a podcast episode of their choice to glean best practices for their own podcast.

Dead Fans Talking, Ep. TBA

Walking Dead, Ep. 3

T, Nov 7

Students will take a Google Quiz on Walking Dead eps. 1-4.

WOVENText (165-75)

Walking Dead, Ep. 4

R, Nov 9

25-30 min content and skills video “lecture,” on ‘best practices’ for generating a collaborative script/podcast. In their Team Google Docs, students will discuss brainstorm script: how to draw on writing they’ve done so far, what genre of podcast works best to meet content/audience, audio queues, outcome goals, etc.

Walking Dead, Eps. 5-6

Scene Analysis to your section feed by 5:00 PM(Cancelled)

T, Nov 14 Podcast Team Meetings to be held in person in your classroom at the time assigned your team Post group scripts by Monday, Nov 14 by 8:00 AM in your Team Google Doc
R, Nov 16 Podcast Team Meetings to be held in person in your classroom at the time assigned your team Post group scripts by Wednesday, Nov 16 by 8:00 AM in your Team Google Doc
T, Nov 21 No Class: Revision/Recording Day
R, Nov 23
No Class: Thanksgiving Break
T, Nov 28 Final Portfolio Workshop 1 (Mahara)

Reflective Introduction: Assignment review, analysis, & drafting

Review Portfolio Assignment Requirements
R, Nov 30 Final Portfolio Workshop 2 (Mahara)

Artifact Reflection: Assignment review, analysis, & drafting

Bring final drafts of all major projects and process documents for all major projects
T, Dec 5 Final Portfolio Workshop 3 (Mahara)

Composing Portfolio: Page layout/design, Mahara How-to, & submission instructions

Final Podcast due uploaded to T-Square by 5:00 PM
R, Dec 7 Finals: ENGL.D2 (1:30-2:45) Final Portfolio Due by 11:55PM
F, Dec 8 Finals: ENGL.N1 (12:00-1:15) Final Portfolio Due by 11:55PM
R, Dec 14 Finals: ENGL.F2 (9:30-2:45) Final Portfolio Due by 5:00PM