Assignment Sequence Value Description
Blog Posts 10% Series of multimedia posts written in response to assigned prompts and published to the course site
Reading Quizzes 10% Periodic quizzes over the course of the semester designed to help you retain and organize information from the reading that you will then develop in the writing assignments
First Week Video 5% Introductory video project to be completed during the first week of class and common to all ENGL 1101 courses. Videos are to be 60-90 seconds in length and recorded in the tool of your choice, and uploaded to T-Square
Visual Rendering 15% Rendering of a key term drawn from the first set of readings in design software. To be accompanied by a short introduction and uploaded to T-Square
Literary Analysis Essay 20% A 6-7 pages, double spaced argument driven literary analysis essay developed through close analysis of The History of King Lear and nature. To be uploaded to T-Square as a .pdf, in MLA format, with a works cited
Podcast 20% A 7-15 minute audio review and/or analysis composed in GarageBand or Audacity on nature and the first season of The Walking Dead. To be composed in groups of three, uploaded individually as an .mp3 to T-Square with a explanatory headnote and works cited
Final Portfolio 15% Final, multimodal, showcase portfolio required of all 1101 and 1102 students in lieu of a final exam. Composed in Mahara, portfolio to include a 1200-1800 word reflective essay, your common first week video, the Argument essay, and the Visual Rendering, Podcast, or Video. At least one artifact must reflect substantial revision. We develop the portfolio over the course of the semester.
Participation 5% Active participation and engagement in class are required and counts as part of your total grade. You may be penalized if you have not done the reading or fail to regularly participate in class discussions and activities.